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Hi, just an art seeker.​​​​​​​

Love as a gift, not a demand. Love with no expectation of reciprocation. Love without question, love without proof. Love as expansive mutual understanding.

Love that is non-conformative to transactional heteronormativity. 
Love that doesn’t function through the hourglass of reproduction.

Love as platonic intimacy. Love as nurturing friendship. Love as sisterhood & brotherhood. Love as humanhood.

Love as continuous, beyond the confines of time, space & relationship. Love as community. Love as the most vibrant spectrum.

Love as expression of divinity & freedom. Love as the link between you & me.

Love as this letter.

Nana OsakiImagine gif, anime, and blue

the elements compose a magnus opus

my modus operandi is amalgam

"Slam Dunk" Anime

i am awake, my mind is free, i am creative, i love myself,

my willpower is strong, i am brave, i practice patience, i give, not just to receive,

i listen more than i talk, i know i'll change, i know you'll change, i'll hold on one more day,

i start over when necessary, i create my own situations, i am cosmic,

sometimes i have the answers, sometimes i don't, 

i desire to learn, i am the plan, i am strong, i want to grow, 

i know i will, i take on responsibility, i hide myself from no one, i'm on my path,

i won't let my focus change, bringing all the best into my range.

Animated GIF

 When a toxic person can no longer control you, they will try to control how others see you. The misinformation will feel unfair, but stay above it, trusting that other people will eventually see the truth,just like you did.

They forgot that they are all brothers & sisters, co-habitating the same planet, so they kinda became delusional and imagined these invisible boarders, beliefs & structures that are separating them & started destroying each other & the earth they live on, instead of just living, sharing, creating & evolving together.

you're not perfect, but you got a lot to give you're not perfect, but you got a lot to give

you're not perfect, but you got a lot to give you're not perfect, but you got a lot to give

you're not perfect, but you got a lot to give you're not perfect, but you got a lot to give 

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